I am working as a

Freelance CSS Expert

Need CSS expertise?

Common warning signs that you might need help with your CSS:

  • You have a CSS file with thousands of lines,
  • Every deployment comes with new browser compatibility bugs,
  • You need a front-end development for every new feature,
  • You want a responsive version, but it seems impossible...

What can I do

I know how to produce great CSS and I worked for 6 years as a front-end/back-end developer. That allows me to collaborate with tech teams and understand what they need to improve their workflow.

Some of the solutions that I can bring to your team:

  • CSS trainings & workshops,
  • Help to choose best practices & a test strategy,
  • CSS cleanup & migration to a preprocessor Sass/Less,
  • Production of reusable elements & style guide...


In the Piwik project, Thomas has demonstrated expertise in helping us create beautiful and maintainable CSS.

He was able to quickly understand our large and complex codebase.

Thomas proposed several major improvements and delivered them with the highest quality standards.

Matthieu Aubry, Project Manager at Piwik.

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I am a freelance web developer. I help web teams to reduce CSS maintenance & evolution costs.